User Handbook


Getting Started

Your step-by-step checklist for getting set up to sell your artworks on I Feel Art.

Upload Your Artwork

How to’s and best practices for uploading, editing and deleting your artworks.


The ins and outs of getting paid on I Feel Art, taxes, and how promotional discounts work.

Manage Your Account

Helpful instructions for creating and managing your artist account on I Feel Art.

Manage Your Artwork

Advice and tutorials for successfully pricing your artworks, as well as optimising your portfolio.

Marketing & Branding

Sharing and promoting your art with the I Feel Art community and beyond, plus tips for social media and getting featured.

Print Options

Read here for an understanding of the various options to print your beautiful artworks.


Understanding and abiding by I Feel Art's Terms of Service.

Artist FAQ

Everything else you might need to know can be found in our comprehensive Artist Handbook